Friday, May 9, 2014

A Children's Abecedary

A Children’s Abecedary
C 2014 by E.M.Kabak

A is for Abdul killed by a drone
B is Bahirah a refugee  alone
C is for Cala married at eight
D is for Dima consumed by war’s fate
E is Ermina a volunteer shahid
F is Fatima offed by Janja weed
G is Ghazal attacked by a leopard
H is Hanif who was salted and peppered
I is for Ihab by blasphemy banned
J is Jamal buried in sand
K is Kareem in a small capsized boat
L is for Leila- sold for a goat
M is is Malikah digging in trash
N is Nuriya trafficked for cash
O is for Omar- a machine gun’s his tool
P is for Purvez  who can’t attend school
 Q is Qasim a child soldier lauded
R is for Rafi who’s been waterboarded
S is Sabirah who only eats rice
T is Tariq- taught that reading’s a vice
U is Ulfah who walks behind men
V is Varisha too poor for a pen
W is for Walid who buys guns for drugs
X is Xobeen smuggled in rugs
Y is for Yasmine who lives in the mud
Z is Zahira washed away by a flood

This is an alphabet herein displayed
To show the world’s children who’ve all been betrayed

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