Monday, November 29, 2010

Singing to the Plants by Stephan Beyer-

This is an absolutely brilliant cross- disciplinary study of Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon, by a scholar of ayahuasca, hallucinogens, religion , psychology and Buddhism who at various stages of his career has also practiced as an international trial lawyer and written two tomes on Buddhist practices.

This book(published by the University of New Mexico Press in 2009 and now available in paperback) discusses alternate states of conscious ness, discarnate entities, endogenous chemicals and sigma 1 receptors, the difference ( a la James Hillman ) between spirit and soul,hallucinations,schizophrenia the work of C.G. Jung and a host of other interwoven issues with a passion, scholarship and readability that is excelled by none in this field.
Here is a review in poetic form( to the tune of Singing in the Rain)

Singin’to the Plants-Copyright E Kabak 2010

I’m singing to the plants
Just singing to the plants
My stomach has emptied
In a marvelous trance

The sky’s a blue cup
But before you may sup
Go down to the soul’s murk and then you go up

In a deep dive you’ll delve
And see those small machine elves
They’re nothing but just
All your multiple selves

The spirits you’ll find
Whether fearful or kind
Will dazzle your senses
Which before had been blind

And go ahead and engage
With some gnome who’s a sage
Your active imagining is soon all the rage

So go take a chance
Let your DNA dance
While singing
Just singing to the plants…

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