Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mary Daly Dies- Pat Me Down Poem

Mary Daly, radical feminist author and teacher and inventor of a new language for women- see "Pure Lust" etal , pased away. She was a revered teacher at Boston College,writer and leader in the LGBT movement -as innovative in her way as G Stein. Read her works- they will only grow in importance.

A few words----on the new airline rules

Pat Me Down
C 2010 Edgy Lit

Pat me down pat me down
Search me and take what is found
I won’t have fits or starts
If you touch my private parts

We will do what’s required
All our nerve ends are inspired
I’m a true patriot
All this terror makes me hot

pat me down I won’t frown
I am shaking in my knees
I will gladly do striptease
So please do what you please

Pat me down pat me down
I’m not nervous I won’t sweat
But forever in your debt
‘cause these patdowns make me wet…

An exhibitionist- it’s de rigeur
Loves that TSA voyeur!

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